Daar Abdullah Ibn Masud is a Maktob and a Musalla in Carlingford. This is a commercial place in the first floor; the entry to the Maktob is from the front, main road.
There are two toilets and more than 30 parking spots on premises. There are more free parking spots next to Bunnings.

We have facility for 5 times Salah and Quran classes for all ages. In this Ramadan we are running Taraweeh Salah - 20 rakat, khatma Quran in the Musalla. We are also running Jumua Salah in near by scout hall.

Currently we are offering following Quran courses:

  • Advanced Tajweed
  • Najarah
  • Noorani qaida/Iqra book

Please contact us for more details

Quran Class Schedules
We are located in Suite 3/285 Pennant Hills Road, Carlingford, NSW 2118. The best free parking spots are next to Bunnings .

Account Name: Daar Abdullah Ibn Masud

BSB no: 082 356

Account no: 97 433 6223

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We request local brothers for the donations that will be used for expenses eg. Jumua hall hiring, Moktob weekly running costs.

Daily Salah:

For daily Salah times, please visit Go Pray

Taraweeh Salah:

20 rakat, full khatma Quran.

Jumua Salah:

We organize Jumua Salah in a scout hall
Khutba starts: 12:55 pm
Venue: 1st Roselea Scout Hall, Plympton Rd, Carlingford
More than 60 car parking spaces on premises. Street parking is available as well.