Currently we are offering following courses:

Quran:Hifz, Advanced Tajweed, Noorani qaida/Iqra book

Fiqh:Tahara, Salah, Saum

When: Contact us for details

Where: Suite 3/285 Pennant Hills Road, Carlingford NSW

For: All children and Adult males

We are located in Suite 3/285 Pennant Hills Road, Carlingford, NSW 2118. This is a commercial place in the first floor. It has the size of 33sqm and it can fit maximum 45-50 people. There are two toilets and more than 30 parking spots.

Account Name: Daar Abdullah Ibn Masud

BSB no: 082 356

Account no: 97 433 6223

We request local brothers for the donations that will be used for expenses eg. Jummah hall hiring, Moktob weekly running cost etc. Currently our weekly expenses is around $500.

There is facility for daily salah as well. For prayer times, please visit Go Pray

We organize Jummah salah in a scout hall.

Sessions: 1:15pm, 1:40pm

Venue: 1st Roselea Scout Hall, Plympton Rd, Carlingford